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Staff Changes!


After 5 years as a staff member at Three Dollar Bill Cinema... We’re excited to announce that Danny Tayara is now the TWIST Festival Director! Danny is a filmmaker themselves, so we know they have the vision necessary to get the job done right!
“I’ve been in a variety of roles in my history at Three Dollar Bill Cinema. I started out with the organization as a participant in the Reel Queer Youth filmmaking program. I was a Juror for the festival, then brought on as Jason’s Programming Assistant. I made my way up to full time programming, as well as Manager of Reel Queer Youth. I’m honored to take on the title of TWIST Festival Director as a Senior Programmer, and very much looking forward to bringing you a great lineup of films in 2017!” - Danny

We’re also happy to say that Translations Festival director, Sam Berliner, has moved up to Seattle as a full time year-round employee at Three Dollar Bill Cinema and, in addition to Volunteer / Administration duties, is now a Senior Programmer!

“I love Three Dollar Bill Cinema and am thrilled to have this opportunity to work on year-round programming to continue to bring stories of empowerment and resonance to our Seattle queer/trans communities.” - Sam

Meet Danny Tayara, TWIST Festival Director

How do you feel about being TWIST Festival Director?

To be honest, I feel a mix of excitement and nervousness! It’s a big task, but I know with our strong programming team it’ll be a piece of cake. I’ve worked with Sam Berliner for a while now and I couldn’t ask for a better arrangement than us both being Senior Programmers. And I’m so happy that Theo Calhoun, a previous Reel Queer Youth participant, has joined us as Programming Assistant to help manage the hundreds of film submissions we'll get this year.

What experience do you have that makes you a good fit for this job?

Being a filmmaker and festival programmer for the past 5 years, involved with Three Dollar Bill Cinema in a very dedicated fashion, I feel very confident! :) A large part of my job includes managing screening committees for both Translations and TWIST, so I’ve seen a lot of movies and I know how to spot the good ones! I also worked closely with past TWIST Festival Directors Kathleen Mullen & Keith Bacon, and I was lucky to learn as much as I did from both of them.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Filmmaking, collaborating on projects, animating, crafting/costuming/drawing, watching online tutorials, and volunteering for Camp Ten Trees as a board member and summer camp volunteer. I also founded Seattle Queer Filmmakers, a hub for people looking to make connections and find collaborators.

Which queer folks do you admire (living or passed) or have made a positive influence on your life?

Jason Plourde! Also Brody Willis of Blanket Fort Films, and anyone else who’s ever been a support to me or collaborated with me on a project- including my Reel Queer Youth family!

Anything else?

I love my job! 

P.S. to filmmakers: the call for TWIST submissions is February 1st! Click here for submission instructions. We want to see your films!

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