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2016 TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival Award Winners Announced!

2016 TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival Award Winners Announced!

We're thrilled to announce the jury and audience award-winning films for the 2016 TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival!



2016 Narrative Jury: Ana Walker, Adé Connére, and Drew Droege.

2016 Documentary Jury: Werner Borkes, Jill Leininger, and Kara Phoebe.

2016 Short Film Jury: Stephen Anunson, Eliaichi Kimaro, and Emily Zimmerman.

Best Narrative Feature

“For its complex characters, acid-sharp wit, and refreshing take on queer story-telling—it’s also mother-fucking funny—we proudly present the Narrative Jury Award to WOMEN WHO KILL (Ingrid Jungermann, USA, 2016)."

Special Jury Prize

“The Narrative jury is pleased to give a Special Mention For Artistic Achievement to TORREY PINES (Clyde Petersen, USA, 2016), a revolutionary, dialogue-less, beautifully crafted explosion of sound, color, and beauty." 

Best Documentary Feature

"Because the film creates a pluralistic view of trans men's stories while delightfully updating the coming of age road trip and embracing the idea of self-documentation, we would like to give the TWIST documentary award to REAL BOY (Shaleece Haas, USA, 2016). Musical mentorship and intergenerational growth propel the film as thematic elements. REAL BOY’s unique aesthetics, created by centering on Bennett's voice, confronts and explores the intersections of queer identity, addiction and familial reconnection."

Best Short Film

"ALZHEIMER’S: A LOVE STORY (Monica Petruzzelli & Gabe Schimmel, USA, 2016) is a beautiful, tender, intimate portrait of a man loving, and caring for, his longtime partner with Alzheimers for the past 11 years. As the ways they express love and compassion for each other changes, their ability to show up for each other continues to matter.  A truly impressive effort, especially for a student film project, that exemplifies the power of the documentary form."

Most Innovative Short Film

"Through exceptional cinematography and production quality, VÁMONOS (Marvin Lemus, USA, 2015) communicates relevant themes of gender expression in a new and innovative way. The film's compelling narrative structure propels this story about the tension between assigned versus chosen families in the wake of the death of a loved one."



Favorite Narrative Feature: PUSHING DEAD (Tom Brown, USA, 2106)  

Favorite Documentary Feature: CHECK IT (Dana Flor & Toby Oppenheimer, USA, 2016)

Favorite Gay Short Film: THESE C*CKSUCKING TEARS (Dan Taberski, USA, 2015)

Favorite Lesbian Short Film: BOOTWMN (Sam McWilliams & Paige Gratland, Canada/UK/USA, 2015)

Favorite Transgender Short Film: DIANE FROM THE MOON (Hanna Ladoul & Marco La Via, France, 2016)

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