The Fierce Awakens!

The Fierce Awakens!

Three Dollar Bill Outdoor Cinema returns to Capitol Hill’s Cal Anderson Park with FREE outdoor movies! The fierce awakens in these outer-space tales, Friday nights in August! 

All screenings begin at sunset (around 8:30pm) at the SE corner of Cal Anderson Park. Arrive early to get a good seat and join us for the pre-show events. Concessions will be open and the DJ will start at 7pm. Official announcements and activities will begin at 8pm. 

All films will have subtitles. This is a smoke-free event. Bring low-backed chairs or blankets for seating, please. Hot popcorn, cold drinks, candy, and other concessions for sale on site. Limited lawnchair rentals available. 

Cal Anderson Park (SE corner)
1635 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 


Friday, August 5, at 8pm in Cal Anderson Park.

Lesbian space aliens have landed, with a mission to rid themselves of romantic emotions via inevitable heartbreak on Earth. When Zoinx and unsuspecting Jane hit it off, a hilarious relationship ensues!

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Friday, August 12, at 8pm in Cal Anderson Park.

President Skroob (Mel Brooks) has ordered Lord Dark Helmet to steal planet Druidia’s air supply! Only Lone Starr and his sidekick Barf can stop them. You’ve never seen a movie like this before… or have you?

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Friday, August 19, at 8pm in Cal Anderson Park.

Far in the future, super-sexy Barbarella (Jane Fonda) has to intercept the evil Doctor Duran Duran and bring him back to earth. Through the Labyrinth of Love, around the Palace of Pleasure, and surrounded by Matmos… Barbarella will overcome!

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Friday, August 26, at 8pm in Cal Anderson Park.

Seconds before earth is destroyed, Arthur Dent is saved by his friend Ford Prefect (Mos Def) and set on a course to hitchhike through the galaxy. Will being picked up by Trillian (Zooey Deschanel) and Zaphod (Sam Rockwell) be a blessing or a curse?

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