PrideFest 2017 Film Festival

PrideFest 2017 Film Festival

The PrideFest Film Festival is back! On June 17th and 18th the best of Three Dollar Bill Cinema's films from the past year, TWIST Tops, will show FOR FREE at the Northwest Film Forum. (You'll need to claim your free tickets in order to secure a seat for a screening.) For full TWIST Tops schedule, please visit:


Saturday, June 17 at 2pm at the Northwest Film Forum

Director: Maria Govan ⎮ 92 min. ⎮ Trinidad & Tobago / Bahamas / USA ⎮ 2016

In this simmering, unconventional thriller set in the lush hills of Trinidad, Gregory (Petrice Jones), a sensitive scholar struggling with his sexuality, is pursued by rich, married businessman James (a quietly menacing Gareth Jenkins). Seduction and obsession intertwine with cultural, sexual, and family dynamics in a multilayered story that spirals to a fateful conclusion that challenges moral interpretation. This drama from Bahamian-born, queer writer-director Maria Govan bursts with colorful scenes of the Carnival ritual “the Jab” and uses authentic island locales and music to show precisely what it means to PLAY THE DEVIL.

In English and Patois with English subtitles

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Saturday, June 17 at 5pm at the Northwest Film Forum

Director: Carly Usdin ⎮ 78 min ⎮ USA ⎮ 2015

All is not what it seems in this outrageously real comedy of manners built around snappy, mostly improvised dialogue and a diverse all-female cast and crew. Newly coupled Jasmine and Penn visit married couple Jordan and Billie and accidentally stumble upon a cryptic hidden note. What follows, in the awkward, tense attempts to decipher it, is a keenly observed dissection of modern-day relationships. Inspired by TANGERINE, director Carly Usdin and her team, including comic-writer Brittani Nichols (Transparent) and Jasika Nicole (Fringe, Scandal), have created a fiercely queer farce, which won the Audience Award for Best US Narrative First Feature at Outfest 2016.

Contains profanity and discussion of suicide.

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Saturday, June 17 at 7pm at the Northwest Film Forum

Dana Flor & Toby Oppenheimer | 90 min | USA | 2016

Life is dangerous for the Check It gang, a group of transgender and gay survivors living in one of DC’s poor, rough neighborhoods. Standing up (and fighting back, violently if necessary) for who they are is more than an issue of pride; they would be dead otherwise. This raw and moving documentary follows the four main gang leaders—Skittles, Day Day, Tray, and Alton—as they struggle to stay on track in their lives. Guided by Mo, an ex-convict, they try to break the cycle of poverty and violence they’ve grown up with through an unlikely route—fashion: creating their own clothing label, putting on shows, modeling, and working backstage during NY Fashion Week.

Contains depictions of violence and drug use, nudity, and profanity.

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Saturday, June 17 at 9pm at the Northwest Film Forum

A sing along event presented by Three Dollar Bill Cinema. Sing along to your favorite numbers from American musicals, cult classics and foreign hits!

It’s like Karaoke — only better. You’re the star of your favorite movie musical. Pick any scene to sing along to, while the film and lyrics are projected onto the screen. There are hundreds of songs to choose from, or you can bring in your own special request (on DVD).

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Sunday, June 18 at 2pm at the Northwest Film Forum

Watch the latest and greatest, audience and jury award-winning, short films from TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival!

HONEYMOON Lucy and Johanna are on an “idyllic” honeymoon when tensions turn into a full-blown public, yet private, quarrel. Ronit Meranda; 2015; UK; 10 min.

FOLSOM STREET A kink- and fetish-fueled dance explosion in celebration of the 2015 Folsom Street Fair. Aron Kantor; 2016; USA; 6 min.

BOOTWMN Meet Deana McGuffin, boot maker. Her fabulous gay boots are made with love, and for walking. Sam McWilliams & Paige Gratland; Canada/UK/USA; 2015; 11 min.

THE GLORY HOLE Two longtime partners recount the sexy true story of how they first met. Daniel Maggio; 2014; USA; 4 min.

VAMONOS Devastated by grief after the death of her partner, Hope still finds the strength to make sure Mac is honored in death as much as in life. Marvin Lemus; 2015; USA; 13 min.

IN THIS SKIN This narrative montage explores the real-life stories of transgender youth. Ahmed Karam, Amy Robles & Greg Chu; 2016; USA; 5 min.

DIANE FROM THE MOON In the aftermath of a hurtful breakup with her girlfriend Alice, Diane (Mya Taylor, TANGERINE) begins living out of a posh 1960s hotel in Palm Springs. Hanna & Marco; 2016; USA; 11 min.

OH, I GET IT Seattle-based queer comedians are using their own brand of humor, proving that social change is best served funny. Danny Tayara & Sara McCaslin; 2015; USA; 9 min.

THESE C*CKSUCKING TEARS Meet the Washington state man behind the world’s first and only gay-themed country music album, 40 years after its release. Winner of SIFF 2016’s Golden Space Needle Award for Best Documentary Short. Dan Taberski; 2015; USA; 16 min.

Program runs 86 minutes, some films contain sexual situations and vulgar language.

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Sunday, June 18 at 4pm at the Northwest Film Forum

Shaleece Haas | 72 min | USA | 2016

From queer director Shaleece Haas comes an affecting documentary about transgender teen and aspiring musician Bennett Wallace. With the support of his best friend Dylan (also transitioning) and fellow transgender performer Joe Stevens, Bennett navigates the ups and downs of his journey to find his voice, including sobriety and patience as his mother weathers his transition, while reaching for the promise of a new life. With a soundtrack that features Bennett and Joe’s original songs, REAL BOY offers deeply emotional glimpses into coming of age, revealing not only heartache and uncertainty but also the ultimate joy that comes with irrevocable change and the realization of one’s truest self.

Contains discussion of drug use and self-harm.

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