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The Scoop on TWIST360°

The Scoop on TWIST360°

“What would the world be like if one could see through the eyes of another? Would it help us understand each other? And ourselves?” --The Machine To Be Another

Queer culture has always pushed traditional binaries toward a fluidity of gender, sexuality and spirit that can never quite be captured in a single frame. Could immersive 360° media be a platform that dissolves binary paradigms? And will it be queer makers working in the 360° space who realize that potential? These are the questions we’ll be asking as we immerse ourselves in the body­swapping, binary­-smashing, expanded ­media extravaganza of TWIST360°.

TWIST360° runs October 13-­23, concurrent with TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival, and will feature a dazzling array of immersive experiences, including:

-Experience virtual drag and pride parades at TWIST­R;

-Virtual Reality (VR) headset gallery;

-Swap bodies in The Machine To Be Another, a VR art experiment from Barcelona;

-Learn from queer cinema and VR pioneer Rose Troche (Go Fish, Six Feet Under, The L Word) about her journey from traditional film into VR.

­And don't forget to check out the project pitches at the TWIST360° Bootcamp, an incubator to seed local queer-­themed immersive media projects!

Full program, schedule, and ticketing information will be announced on September 23 right here:

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