Themes In Focus

Afterschool Specials| Strong Queer Visions| Sexy Selections| The Way We Were| Inspiring Lives| Arts World| Live. Laugh. Love| Local Connections| Bold Provocateurs

Afterschool Specials

Enjoy these inspiring, youth-oriented programs for only $5! 5pm on selected weekdays at Harvard Exit.

Strong Queer Visions

Discover groundbreaking work from emerging artists on the cutting edge of film.

Sexy Selections

Feel the heat from these sizzling stories of erotic exploration and discovery.

The Way We Were

Take a look back and see how far we’ve come with these stories that trace our shared history.

Inspiring Lives

The power that lies within us all is revealed through these moving stories of everyday heroes.

Arts World

Take in the shows put on by these stars of stage, song, and other mediums of artful expression.

Live. Laugh. Love

Bring your sense of humor for these great ‘date night’ picks, where romance is pure comedy.

Local Connections

Celebrate local talent from the here and now with these home-grown hits.

Bold Provocateurs

Game changers, rule-breakers, and outsiders come together in these fascinating documentaries.