How Far We’ve Come

Celebrate the progress we’ve made as a community by looking back at the issues of our past and looking forward to the changes ahead.


Closing Night Gala

Sunday, October 24, 9pm at Flying Fish
Following our Closing Night screening of The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister, join us at Flying Fish, Christine Keff’s award-winning restaurant in its new location, for a delicious sampling of their menu items plus a bevy of refreshing beverages.


SLGFF Online Film Festival presented by Esurance
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Tue Mar 3, 01:58 PM

We are so excited to encounter the artistic potential of pairing Sarah Rudinoff and Steven Miller at Genre Bender this weekend!

Theatrical Powerhouse Meets Photographer: Sarah Rudinoff and Steven Miller | City Arts
An otherworldly glimpse into the Rudinoff/Miller collaboration. Genre Bender 2015 is only 12 days away! The performances are almost ready—among them the collaboration between conceptual and editorial photographer Steven Miller and theatrical superpower Sarah Rudinoff. Rudinoff and Miller circled e…

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